SUGARSMILE Cosmetic Teeth Whitening

The top priority in the private practice of Dr. Selma Uygun is a natural look rather than an artificial one. You can give nature a helping hand, but it doesn't always have to be immediately visible. With specialist knowledge in ENT and cosmetic surgery that Dr. Selma Uygun has acquired over decades, she will help you achieve the perfect result. We can give you beautiful white teeth and a radiant smile in our teeth whitening store in Düsseldorf, directly opposite our practice.
At Sugarsmile, eight places await you for your cosmetic tooth whitening without pain and without hydrogen peroxide. Active bleaching components of the Sugarsmile bleaching gel are activated by the cold LED light and thus neutralize organic pigmentation substances in the tooth enamel. We offer tooth whitening from 40 minutes to 80 minutes. In addition, you will find many additional tooth whitening products without fluoride and on an organic basis in our online shop. All of course without hydrogen peroxide.